No. 2 - Lidded mug

White Transferware Unknown From 1928
No. 2 Lidded mug left handed
No. 2 lid
No. 2 Lidded mug base legend

No. 2 of the Ashtead Potters Christopher Robin Nursery Set is a lidded mug, just under 9.53cm (3.75 inches) tall. The scripts on the mug read 'Cos it had a label on, saying HUNNY.' from A. A. Milne's book 'Piglet meets a Heffalump'. This shows Winnie the Pooh standing on a chair reaching up into a cupboard for a jar of honey. The lid depicts 'The Friend' from the poetry book 'Now We Are Six'. The illustration on the back features Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet enjoying a picnic. The lidded mug is transfer printed but the original set (presented to the Duke and Duchess of York in 1928) was hand painted, as was a second 'special edition' presented to A. A. Milne's son Christopher Robin Milne - the inspiration for the character. The lidded mug may have originally been designed as a hot chocolate mug.

The legend on the base of the lidded mug reads: This is No. 2 Of 24 Pieces of the Christopher Robin Nursery Set made in England by Ashtead Potters Ltd. Epsom, from E. H. Shepard's copyright Designs Regd No. 740353

There is also a letter 'N' code on the base of the example displayed.

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