Ashtead Potters

The aim of this website is to build a catalogue of models and figures produced by Ashtead Potters Ltd. between 1923 and 1935 when the pottery ceased production.

If you own an item of Ashtead pottery that would add to the site then please send images and details to . Even if there are images already on the site I would still like to include pictorial evidence of alternate colourways, dates and marks.

Art Deco

Although the pottery was not primarily concerned with Art Deco designs popular at the time, it did produce some excellent examples with a strong Deco influence. The two items below fall into this category.

Benjamin Franklin Jug
Johnnie Walker Jug

Above are three examples by artist Sir Percy Metcalfe. They are all designed in the Art Deco style especially the Promethius figure on the right

I would also like to collect more information about the Ashtead Potters itself and also about the artists and designers who were commissioned by Ashtead and also about the workers themselves.

Character face jugs

A range of limited edition face jugs were issued including such notable individuals as Stanly Baldwin, David Lloyd George and Rt. Hon. S. M. Bruce.

Stanley Baldwin jug in Powder blue Stanley Baldwin jug in Ivory

'Stanley Baldwin' face jug in Powder blue (left) and Ivory (right)

The edition numbers are printed on the base of the jugs but it is thought there may have been re-released editions of some of the range. If you own one of these jugs please send in pictures of the item along with an image of the edition number so I can build a catalogue of as many of the surviving pieces as possible. Perhaps we can shed some light as to which jugs were released on more than one occasion.

M49 Buster Girl by Phoebe Stabler M96 Leaping Goat

'Buster Girl' by Phoebe Stabler (left) and Leaping Goat by 'J. H.' (right)

The Buster Girl figurine above is by Phoebe Stabler of Carter Stabler & Adams fame.

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